My Chaotic Matter I Left Behind.
Is there anything I left behind? (I know there are tons of…)
I don’t know when did I start cut off my sense?  Beside my dream, there is not much things keep my life longer.  There is nothing I’m crazy about. No favorite baseball team, no favorite musician, no favorite food…  Everyday, wear the cloths I’m not interested in, but I wear only for becoming a better warrior for you.  Everyday see the people and talk about nothing, everyday I eat whatever there is and the foods keeps me working for doing nothing, every single day I smile with emptiness.

I guess I lost my belief; I’m looking for it.  Where did I drop it?? If you find my belief, please let me know. But you don’t need to send my belief to me because I’ll find a brand new one for sure.  Just give me a time, I’m bit a slower than everyone, and if I try to make myself faster then I’ll loose something else beside my belief.

Thank you for your support my friends.
Love you all and without you I don’t notice even I’m missing part of myself,


Photo by Ayako Nakamura, Hair and Make up by Yoko Kuribayashi, Stylist Toshiya Nakata

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