About Cherish NIPPON

Cherish NIPPON members drive for mainly Fukushima, where their hometown is and where the natural disaster, earthquake, hit badly also Fukushima known as where Nuclear Power Plant exist.

We took time until we made the decision how to support our beautiful prefecture Fukushima, and unfortunately we noticed that there is not much thing we can do. Then we started to drive for donation wherever we are now. However, each time we stand outside holding donation box for hours, we just had to realize that how powerless we are.
Still we kept doing standing outside with our donation box, and now we noticed that we are not alone.
There is a company where offered us a new direction.
Thank you very much to BOOK-OFF Global!
Now we are accepting donation such as books, magazines, novels, games, and CDs.
BOOK-OFF purchase those donated items and all purchase amount will be donated to the victims of earthquake, Tsunami and mainly for Fukushima.
We appreciate all your kindness and please have a moment and look for all the books you don’t read anymore, the games you don’t play anymore and CDs you kept in your shelf without listening for long time. We just want to support our beautiful country and invaluable Fukushima.

We are student in San Francisco. We know we can’t do much, but our soul is with Japan and our hometown, Fukushima.
Fukushima and Japan need long-term support.

Thank you.