Pray for Japan – Day 12 Hometown

There are after shock continuously, since last night.
When I woke up, there were big quakes twice, after hours there were another and another…
I drink tap water because I’m lucky when I open the faucet, I can drink water as much as I want, but around the area where damaged by Tsunami, they don’t have this lucky situation.
Yes I’m lucky:)

Well even though I know this tap water contains twice more than the usual amount of radiation level, I know I’m lucky.

I don’t know where my tears went to, I don’t know how much I need to worry more, but I know only what I can and what to tell that I believe, I believe this will be get well…

Everyone ask me about the radiation, I have to ask you back what do you worry?
I mean if you are asking me about you, you’ll be safe, don’t worry. You are safer than me:)
If you are asking me about me, I’m safe, thank you.
TV news and government tell us that it’s safe in Tokyo.
I know I’m safer than the people who are continuously having bigger earthquakes, had Tsunami, has nuclear power plant for sending electricity for Tokyo, and having planned black out for saving Tokyo from blackout.

No, they are not safe who lives in around the area of nuclear reactor.
Those people, who lives in Fukushima has to evacuate away from their hometown…but where to?
Where can they find the place as comfortable as their hometown…?

If you would like to join the activity for Japan Disaster Relief in Northern California, please give message to the below mail address.

Thank you.

Also, thank you for your messages and phone calls, and I’m sorry for no reply.  Please understand that we do not know when we are going to have huge black out, so I have to keep my mobile battery charged for the emergency.  We have to save the electricity.

Pray for Japan

Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband
American Red Cross
Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles










Pray for Japan – Day 7

It has been a week since we had the earthquake.  We cannot tell what is going to happen next, I mean tomorrow, a week later, and a month later.
We are like in the unclear fragile box.
Probably from outside of Japan, you can see what box we are in… I guess it doesn’t matter.  Whatever the box shape is, whatever how the box damaged now, we look forward from the unclear window and follow the light of hope.
Sometimes it is hard to turn on the TV.  It is necessary to earn the information, but sometimes I cannot take all the news.

My friend sent me text that she is so scared and when she is watching TV, she cannot stop crying for the Tsunami victims.  She has 2 daughters.

I know our hearts are all with Tsunami and earthquake victims, but we also need to breath in and breath out.
I mentioned her that watch something else, if she has movie or DVD, something she can enjoy.

If I cry 24hours and watch TV news for victims, do I help anyone?  No.

Also, she has to care about herself and her daughters.

What I believe is we have to look forward, and we have to live.
If there is funny joke, we can laugh, it is not imprudent or anything.
To laugh become power, give a sense of safety, and we can feel again that we are alive.

Thank you for giving me messages, I cannot find a correct word for this appreciation.  I am sharing the messages to my friends, and we are so encouraged.

Also, I earn so much power from this site.  Please check it out!

Pray for Japan

View from out side of Japan.



Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband

American Red Cross


Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles

Photo from Vacation of Vietnam in January 2011 🙂

We wear mask when we go out, so now I am wearing my favorite strawberry mask;)  People look at me with smiling on their face, I know they envy my strawberry mask!!




みんなもうしってるかもしれないけど、yuripiso がタイトルにしてる Pray for Japan にはオリジナルサイトがあります。がんばれる力をもらったよ。
Pray for Japan


Pray for Japan – Day 6

I made donation to Red Cross Japan.
What I can do is really tiny and feels powerless, but we are trying, trying and trying hard to build back Japan.

Somehow my place doesn’t have planned black out, but my mother, who lives by herself at my hometown, is the area of planned black out.

Today, around 5pm suddenly we found out that huge blackout may be occur, but it didn’t.
Until the moment, I didn’t notice a lot of things what I have to prepare for the blackout.
Almost all the shops sold out the torch, but I found it at bicycle shop:)
Now I’m one step a head preparation for blackout;)
Thank you to my mother, she is very wise lady!

Right now 9:35pm and 9:55pm I felt earthquake/aftershock.
I guess it was around the time I should take bath:P
I was not in the bath tab tonight.

For people of Japan safety, the riot policemen had a mission.
The mission was to go near (50m=164ft away from it) the nuclear reactor and fill the water of it.
Our life is supported these really brave people.

Since we are saving energy, night is dark even in Tokyo.
I don’t go out from my place because of the coldness, but I am sure that we can see stars from here too.

Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein
“Visit or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone.”

Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband

American Red Cross


Peace Winds Japan

きょうは機動隊のひとが原子炉から50M付近まで行って、放水するってミッションがあった。ことばにならないおもいがあふれる。yuripiso にはなにができるのかな?きのうは銀行がダウンしてたからできなかったけど、きょう日本赤十字社にぼきんした。ぼきんについて、きのういろいろ考えた。